Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas!

This week has been great! I still can't really believe I'm in my 8th transfer. Only 5 more to go?! AH. Crazy! We got an awesome surprise this transfer though, and got another companion! Sister Sundwall joined Sister So and I in a trio! She's the STL, and I love her a ton. This is her last transfer too, so we're going all out, it's been so fun! Our first night together was a RIOT. Oh my gosh haha. After shift, we went to check on a referral. After driving an hour through DC traffic, we got to the referrals house, only to find 2 giant firetrucks, with firefighters running in an out of this guys house. We figured it probably wasn't the best time to stop by, so we left to check on another referral. This one lived right by Dottie and Bernice, so we figured we should stop in and say hi and get free parking out of it too! We walked inside, only to figure out that their retirement home was having their giant Christmas party that night! We got pulled in and watched 90 year olds dance to 50's music and drink egg nog. We stayed for a few minutes, met a bunch of residents, then left. IT WAS SO FUNNY. Then we went to the White House and contacted at the Christmas tree outside. So, so fun! It's going to be a great transfer! Other than that, not much has been happening. Festival is super, super busy! It's nuts. I've met some really great people, and too many rude members. Oh well. If any of you ever go to a visitors center and are rude to the sisters there, I'll have some words to say to you. Thanks, be nice to missionaries. Haha. It's been such a great experience though! I've met people from every part of the world, from all different cultures and religious and backgrounds. I love meeting people, and I love being a missionary. I love the Christmas season and the opportunity we have to remember the Savior. One thing the VC is doing differently this year is that we're giving out "gifts" to those of other faiths. It's a little "tabletopper", and has a cutout of the nativity scene. There's a link to the video on (watch it if you haven't already), and on the back, there's the following passage:

"On a quiet night long ago, the Savior Jesus Christ was born.
Born to change all hearts,
End all goodbyes, 
Reconcile all debts,
Atone for all sins. 
He is the only one that can bridge the lonely gap between God and man, and bring us home. 
This is why He came, and this is why we celebrate." 

It's such a simple message, but it's absolutely true! We celebrate because of Him. We're challenging families this Christmas to sit down together, watch the video on, read the poem above , and then to have a discussion about Jesus Christ and Christmas. For parents to share their faith in Christ with their children, or to express gratitude for their blessings if they don't have that Christian background. We've been promising them that their Christmas will be more meaningful, more filled with the spirit, and that their family relationships will be strengthened. And I'm going to challenge all of you to do the same! The promise applies to all of you just as much as it does to them. This is the best time of the year, and I'm so grateful to be a missionary right now. Jesus Christ is real, and I love Him dearly. I love you all as well, and hope you have the best Christmas! :)

Love you,

 White House Christmas tree contacting for the win
I have the cutest comp, period. 
Took Christmas pics today. Love you guys! ❤️


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