Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Daylight Savings


Ok, there's SO much to say, and absolutely no time to say all of it! Basically, I'm in love with this place. My trainer is Sister Kolher (we were actually facebook friends before I came out! AH!) She's so cute! I love her so much! She reminds me a lot of Charity actually, haha she's so sweet and funny! We're allowed to listen to pretty much anything (minus radio lol), but we listen to movie soundtracks (jammed out to the Hobbit and Pirates the other day), Disney, Christian rock, everything! It's great! We jam to disney super hard in the car haha. Love her! We're serving in the Carrollton area right now, we live in Lanham. SO. PRETTY. I'm never leaving this place (not kidding though). I want to live on this coast so badly. I'm in love. AH. This is the best mission in the history of life!

So, I got here Tuesday and slept at the mission home (SO SO SO nice btw), ate breakfast with the Cookes on Wednesday, then we had transfer meeting yada yada, ANYWAYS. Thursday was a blizzard! We got snowed in for 2 days! It was nuts! We weren't allowed to drive our cars, so we had to stay inside. We room with 3 of the French sisters, so we spent the day doing puzzles and playing games. Super fun! Friday was mostly ice, so we couldn't drive, but we were able to go walk around and tract a bit! Taught a lesson to a family, it was fun! Saturday we got out! We had VC shift from 9-3:30, which I LOVED. Oh my gosh everybody. THE DC TEMPLE. It is the most beautiful, breathtaking building I've seen in my life. Tears. It's incredible!!! I love it! And I love being in the VC! I gave out a BoM to a girl, and it's just way fun there. Lol we met some Morrocan people and they tried to get us to date their son. It was super funny hahaha. 

Sunday was weird! By the time sacrament meeting started, there were 15 people in the chapel. And 9 of them were missionaries (yeah, we have 9 missionaries in the ward lol). It filled up a bit during the meeting, but man! It was such a shock! So different than at home! The ward needs some help haha, there are 400+ less actives! Nuts! It's exciting though! I'm ready to work!

Being a minority is SO weird.  The only white people I've seen have been missionaries and the bishopric. We went to ihop for dinner on Saturday night and everybody just stared cuz we were the only white people there. And somebody asked if we were nuns-I guess those are the only white people that usually come in hahaha. It's so different! I really love it though! We stand out for sure :) And I'm so grateful I'm speaking English, I can't even understand what people are saying now! It's plenty foreign enough for me! Hahaha!

Today we went to the national mall! IT WAS AMAZING. Seriously the coolest thing in the whole world. Tears. We rode the metro in, then went and saw the Washington Monument (tears), then walked to the Lincoln memorial (lots of tears)! You think you'd be used to everything after seeing it on TV so many times, but NUPE. It's AMAZING. The huge reflection pool was drained for the winter, so that was a bummer, but oh well. They're filling it back up soon I hope! :) We took all the pictures on the ipad, so I'll send those in a bit! :) Walking back to the metro we were feeling especially patriotic, so we bought a hotdog from a stand and bought a bunch of souvenirs. 'MERICA.

Ok, I love this place. There's way too much to say, but I know this is where I'm supposed to be! There's so much to do, I love all the different cultures, I love the weather, I love the city, I love everything! It's the perfect place for me. I'm so blessed to be here! :)

We're inviting on of our investigators to be baptized tonight, so say a prayer for us? :)

I get my ipad April 2nd, so pumped!

I'll send pictures after we go get some groceries and stuff! I love you all so much! Have the best week! 


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