Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 2

Hey everybody! 

First, I can't believe we're finally redoing the floors! It looks so different! So excited to see it all done! 

So this week was bomb. Today we went to the mall again with sis Edwards and sis liou! Haha we were leaving the apartment and I realized I forgot my jacket, but everybody kept reassuring me that the sun would come out and it would be nice and warm and sunny. HA. HAHA. So we got to the city around 8:30. About 35 degrees. Super, super cloudy. No sun. Crazy wind. Walking around i was almost in tears I was so miserably cold. I ended up buying another hoodie cuz I was actually dying lol. Eventually the sun came out around 11:30, so hooray! Anyways, we saw the Washington, Lincoln, Korean War, FDR, Martin Luther and Jefferson! Super packed but it was way fun! I LOVE the city. The architecture here is incredible! You're all coming to get me so I can show you cuz pictures do SQUAT. OH, so this transfer they opened the city to sisters! There are 4 sisters serving there now I think! Praying I get to go there sometime in the next 17 months haha. I guess they don't sleep because there are sirens going all night lol. WOOP WOOP. 

So this week! We've had so many meetings and stuff, agh! But we've decided to start fresh in the area. The sister here before was in the area for 8 months and got stuck in a rut, so we don't have anybody progressing. So we're starting from scratch and I'm super pumped! We have one investigator (Shelley) that we're keeping. He agreed to be baptized last week, but doesn't want to set a date until after he comes to church. He was supposed to come yesterday but never showed up... *heartbreak*. Working on him! 

Last night we had "Why I Believe", which was amazing! Basically, all the missionaries bring their investigators and recent converts, and the recent converts bear their testimonies! We also have a main speaker, which was Senator Orin Hatch (senator pro temp), SO GOOD! It was such an incredible night. Everything is done by the recent converts so it's super powerful. We brought Miss Gene, who we ran into the other day checking on people! She loved it! We gave her a BoM and she's really excited to read it! She's such a sweet little lady! Excited for her!

Oh, and I got the best surprise of my life when ANNIE LAMBERT SHOWED UP AT THE VC. I just about cried I was so excited! ANNIE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. AHHH. 

And Charity sent me the cutest card! I loved it so much! I love you charity! We got to go do baptisms and initiatory with all the sisters on Tuesday, and it was so cool. I did work for 2 sisters and UGH I MISS YOU. So pumped to go through with you when we get back! 

I love you all so much! I guess my funny captions and text on my pics last week for deleted when it sent, but my address is 

Sister Emily R Wilson
9759 Good Luck Rd #7
Lanham, MD (not sure the zip code but y'all have google lol)

Love you guys! Write me! :)

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