Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Authorized Vehicles Only

Happy Easter everybody! I hope it was wonderful! Mom-thanks so much for your support package! It was perfect! Sis K says thanks too for the candy haha, and a huge thanks for the CD! I can't tell you how sick of our music we are lol. New music is BUENOOO. Thanks! Love ya! 

Today we're going into the city, going  to hit Air and Space and Natural History! Busy day WOOP WOOP! This week has definitely had its ups and downs. First of all, SPRING IS COMING!! You know that rhyme "April showers bring May flowers"? I never understood what it means until now! Spring actually is a thing! April showers really DO bring flowers! Big yellow daffodils (I think that's what they are) sprout up on the side of the highway, in cracks in the sidewalks, everywhere! It's incredible! The weather has been super nice too. It was super humid a couple days, but other than that it's been 60-70, and SUPER windy (it actually knocked me over one time lol). I'm in love! The cherry blossoms started I think, tomorrow we have another sisters day, and Sister Cooke is taking us all into the city-we're going to the art museum and doing cherry blossoms! AH! Get ready for loads of pictures next week! Haha.

Most of our set appointments fell through this week, which is frustrating. Missions are so weird. You spend your whole life checking on people. They're weird. Hahaha love it! We did get to meet with Donakd though! He's in Virginia, but comes out on weekends. He used to have a bdate but everything fell through, so we're working on him! He's from Sierra Lyon, he's actually an Olympic runner there and he's the son of the president or ruler there! So he's a pretty big deal! We're really hoping we can get him baptized so he can go back and teach everybody there. Another fun fact-one of the senators is getting baptized! Sister Williams and Wathon have been teaching him, I think he gets baptized in a couple weeks! President Cooke is ecstatic haha. Super cool!! Oh, and we met with Bola again, and she's on date!!May 16th!! She's going back to Nigeria for 3 weeks end of this month, so we're doing it when she gets back. YAY! We just need to get her to church, which is a problem with people in this area haha.

Oh, happy belated April fools! I hope everybody is still in tact! Lol. Our VC training leaders did the FUNNIEST thing... HAHAHA. Ok, so when somebody calls in to schedule a tour, we have this sheet that we fill out with all the information about the visitor, their background, if they're bringing a member with them, what they want us to focus on, what concerns we should resolve, commitments to extend, etc. So, Tuesday evening, Sister Veenker (STL) was like, "Hey sisters, you've got a pretty big tour tomorrow. Make sure you prepare really well. If there's any dead time on the floor, please role play it so it's perfect ok?" So we're like yeah sure thing whateveaaa. Later that night there was some dead time, so we went and looked at the tour sheet. It was for President Riggs (DC South Pres), who was bringing Gary. Gary was 80 or so, and his description: "Lots of friends are members. Worked with Thomas Monson in publishing. Pres. Monson wants him to get a tour. USE MEMBER PRESENT". Under the member present part, it just casually said "Pres Monson". UM SORRY WAT. They wanted us to really focus the tour on living prophets. And invite them to watch conference. UM IM SORRY WAT. WHY IS THE PROPHET COMING. AND WHY ARE WE GIVING IT. IVE BEEN OUT FOR 2 MONTHS. NO. PASS. BYE. We were freaking out just a little bit. Eventually we figured out that tomorrow was April Fools, but MAN. we were dying. So. Funny. Lolololollllll. Well played Sister Veenker, well played. 

One more FUNNY story... HAHAHAHAA. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA. Last night after conference we were checking on some referrals and move ins (people are a whole lot less willing to hear a message about Jesus on Easter than you'd think...) So we had this one move in that was pretty close to the apartment, and we only had like 20 minutes of golden hours leads so we were darn determined to find this house! Only problem was, it doesn't exist. I mean, the address comes up on google maps, but apparently this house is on a park. We were not deterred! We were going to find this house! We had driven up and down Hanover a few times at this point, and there weren't even houses. Nope. Just trees and a park. BUT THEN we found this little thing that looked like a little turnoff! So naturally, this must be the street that this secret house is on! So we turn off and drive a ways. Turns out this isn't a road at all, it's a walking path! We almost hit some walkers LOLOLLL. So we're stuck on this little path, no where to turn around. It's like8:20 at this point. GOING TO FIND THIS HOUSE. So we eventually had to back up over the grass and book it out before somebody saw us and called the cops lol. So we drive up and down Hanover some more, but nothing. Again, we decide that that path must be like a really long driveway or something. It HAS to be here. So on we go again! After a ways, this little path turns into an even smaller dirt road. Never hindered, we press onward! We see lights in the trees, could this be it?? Our miracle house?? We get closer.. And closer... And closer... Until we pass through a gate! AHA! Could this be it?! ...wait. WAIT. WAIIITTTT. WE WERE IN THE PARK. That little dirt road we were driving on TURNED INTO THE SIDEWALK THAT GOES THROUGH THE PARK. WE WERE DRIVING ON A SIDEWALK. THROUGH THE PARK. There was a big group of people playing soccer and eating and everything, and they dropped the ball and just stared and watched as our little white Chevy emerged from the trees. We were DYING. WHERE IS OUR MIRACLE HOUSE. EXCUSE ME DO ANY OF YOU KNOW WHERE THIS HOUSE IS. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA. Eventually, after driving around the park, we found a little exit that went into the parking lot. The sign where we exited said "Authorized vehicles only". DYING. I CANT. We didn't find our miracle house. So we went and checked on a less active and she did a monologue for us. Then we went home. Lol. Life.

Conference was awesome though!! Haha we actually stopped somebody in the street and was like "HEY. THE PROPHET IS SPEAKING IN 25 MINUTES." Didn't go over too well. Haha we played it in the big auditorium at the VC, and we only missed 20 mins when we were on shift Saturday night! Yay! Haha it was all about getting married and having kids, so we were all like ehhhhhhhhh *tears* lol. It was funny. So good though! Can't wait for October!

Have the best week! Oh, and side note -if you send a package could you send it to the mission home? Our apartments are inside, and they just leave them outside our door, and we're not home most of the day... Don't want any of that goodness to get stolen! They bring packages to the VC when they get sent to the mission home so it's good! Thanks! Letters can still be sent to my apartment though. :)

I love you all! Have the best week! :)


Air and space

McDonald's food truck SCORE lol

Pink on pink on pink

Look who I found! AH I LOVE HER

Most beautiful Easter Sunday ever!

Just to prove that I live in the most beautiful place in the country...

 Fowls got us Easter baskets cuz they rock <3(and sis Veenker lol)

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