Monday, April 27, 2015

To infinity... AND BEYOND

Today we're going to tour NASA! A man in the ward works there (actually several people in the ward work there but he's the cutest little old man so we chose him haha), and he agreed to show us around!  AHHH SO PUMPED. He's the one that tracks all the satellites, and he says he's gonna show us all the good stuff, so ANHJSKWMXHDKSKS I'M SO EXCITED. We'll probably go to the moon, who knows. Pics to come. Do iPads work in space..? If I'm riding on the satellite.... Hmmm.. I'll let y'all know! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

This week has been super long, so much to say! First, I started driving this week! And I LOVE driving on the east coast. It's absolutely NUTS. We also got bikes for our area! We're already 330 over our miles for the month just because we're so far from the VC, so now we only drive to the VC and back, and then bike in our area. That's the idea anyways haha it's only actually worked out that way a few days, it's been SO cold, windy, and stormy this week. But it's so fun! Biking in skirts is the WORST hahaha definitely a learning process... 

It's been an up and down week for sure, most importantly.... TINA IS ON DATE. MAY 10TH, AKA MOTHERS DAY. AHHHHHHHHHH IM SO EXCITED!!! I love Tina with all my heart and soul. Oh my gosh. I'm so excited and happy for her. We have a ton to teach her and she's super busy so trying to find a time is tough (like all these people), but WOOP WOOP. It'll probably happen before we Skype I think... Usually they do the baptisms right after church so that the ward will come. AHHHH. Praying it all works out!

This week at the VC has been NUTS. We've taught over 40 people every shift. We have what we call "upper boxing", when a nonmember will either fill out the visitor card and agree to meet with missionaries, or on calling we get somebody's information and send them missionaries. Normally we don't get any, we get like 1-2 a day total for the VC. Well, guess how many Sis K and I got one day?? 5. We got 5 upper boxes. Guess how many we got the next day? 4. 4 upper boxes. We've gotten a total of 13 this week, which is AWESOME! Hopefully one of those will get baptized! We got a new investigator last night in India, he's Hindu and wants to convert to Christianity and asked if we could help him get baptized. UM YES. Hopefully the missionaries get to him quickly! (Btw-if you are a missionary reading this, when you get a referral, GO QUICKLY. There is a sister missionary working with that person, waiting for y'all to stop by. Go stinking fast with referrals. So many of these people are super prepared, so GET THERE QUICK. And take good care of our investigators!) Anyways, just a crazy week at the VC! We switched somebody shifts and had Saturday morning (busiest shift usually). Guess how many people we taught in our 5 hours on the floor? Guess? Did you guess? ........... 103. Were you close? We taught 103 PEOPLE. IN 5 HOURS. In case you didn't know, that's a stinking LOT of people. And apparently Festival is about 8x worse than that. WOOO. GET PUMPED. 103. Shoot. We slept real good that night haha. 

Last night there was a multi-stake fireside at the VC, and Ken Nilololololo (or however you say his name), the football coach from Meet the Mormons came and spoke! And I met him, his wife, and his sons! Way cool! We got listen to about 30mins of it, which was exciting. I thought it was weird when he said (4 times) "winningest". "We are the most winningest team in our division". "We have the most winningest number of games won". WOOP... Other than that he was pretty alright, I dunno he just talked about football the whole time, so.. Haha. Met him and his family though! Greeted them at the door and they talked to us! Woooop!

Still trying to work with the ward, which is pretty tough. Learning patience that's for sure!! 
I love you all so much! 

Basically best/coolest Pday ever. I'm working for NASA when I get home.
 Brother Ward's first selfie. I LOVE HIM.

Vacuum simulation chamber. The top dome part slides off, and they put
different materials and parts in there to test them. Inside, it
simulates space (magnetic, radiation, heat, etc) to make sure
everything will hold up. WOAH.

The gang
my iPad, and a sticker that covers the home button on my iPad. NASA
all day erry day.
Just weekly planning

Proselyting in traffic? No prob!
MISSIONARY CAR <3 and the temple is beautiful, as always. <3

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