Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Urine, Sweat, and Gas Leaks. America.

Ok first of all, DC smells like urine and sweat and it's disgusting. Seriously ew. 

Anyways, it's been quite the week! We started off the week by calling 911 (I got to call, super intense). We woke up Tuesday morning and walked out of our rooms to a BURNING hot apartment. We were all feeling super sick as well. I didn't think much of it so I hopped in the shower. A few minutes later, sister Veenker starts POUNDING on the bathroom door, telling me we have to leave right then. So I jump out and we all run outside. Most stoves/ovens here are gas powered (which I really dislike), and our apartment is temperamental. Overnight, our oven has turned itself on. For at least a few hours it had been dumping gas into our apartment. It was so hot that Sister Veenker couldn't even touch the handle without burning herself. SCARY. The apartment people didn't do anything about it, so I had to call 911. Haha despite telling them several times that it wasn't a huge emergency, they sent the entire fire brigade. We hear the sirens coming from all directions as 4 giant fire trucks (the massive ones, with ladders) and a big cop car speed toward us. We were dying haha. They all ran into the apartment to scope it out while we waited outside. After 20 minutes or so they finally got the oven to turn off by tearing it out of the wall. Haha. The apartment people finally sent maintenance guys way later in the day to figure out the gas situation. You know how a few weeks ago I talked about how our kitchen always smells like natural gas? And how everybody in this apartment always gets sick? Yep, out apartment has been leaking gas for weeks now. YAY. So we spent the rest of the day trying not to throw up and popping pain killers for our headaches. SO FUN. Good times. Super grateful that we're all alive, apparently gas leaks are the #1 reason for missionary deaths. ACK.

We had a couple super awesome member meals this week (I love the Chevy Chase ward so much). As much as I love the DC area, I'm going crazy. Up until Wednesday night, I hadn't seen more than the road in front of us. Whether it be trees or buildings, you can't see anything here. We went to the Ellis's for dinner on Wednesday, and they live in a super nice apartment downtown. They took us up to the roof and I just about peed my pants because we could SEEEEEEEEE. OVER THE TREES AND BUILDINGS. Still no mountains but MAN. Best moment of the mish so far. Haha. Just kidding. Kinda. Haha. Tender mercy. 

It's been a pretty busy week, but we weren't able to teach very much. The Fourth was super fun! We weren't allowed to proselyte in any way, shape, or form, we had a full 24 hour Pday! We were planning on going and hiking Great Falls in the morning, but then the rain happened so nah. We went shopping with Veenker, Ete, Hansen, and Plaizier in the morning! Super fun! Then we had shift, and the senior couples made us lunch. Love them so much. On shift it was pretty dead, but the last few minutes a big group of nonmembers came in! So cool! Saw quite a few miracles from that! After shift, a bunch of us sisters went to Outback for dinner. Then we went home and passed out haha. No missionaries were allowed on the Mall, the terrorist risk is crazy high right now so we all have to be more careful than normal. Hopefully we'll be able to go down there next year for the parade and fireworks and such! MURICA. 

This morning we went to the Lincoln for sunrise pictures, but the clouds were being turds and blocked the whole thing. So we went to ihop for breakfast to make up for it haha. We've been up since 4 and didn't get to bed until later than we should've so I'm gonna go sleep now. I LOVE THIS COUNTRY. I LOVE THE FAMILY UNIT. SO EXCITED TO FIGHT FOR IT. 

Sister Wilson 

 good ol Albert

 Boy band

 Comp study WOOP


 Babe Lincoln


 Our poor oven

 HE CAME TO THE VC AFTER THE MOTAB CONCERT BTW. I ALMOST DIED. Snuck into one of his pics. Celeb crush Ryan Murphy.


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