Friday, February 13, 2015

Week 1!

Hey everybody!

I guess it hasn't really been a "week" yet, it's only been a couple days, but I totally love it here! My companion is Sister Griffin and I LOVE HER. We get along so well! She's from Draper, and I just love her.  Our district has me and Sister Griffin, and Sister Schaeffer (from Vegas) and Sister Menzi (from Australia!) They're both going to Temple Square! They're wonderful! And we only have a trio of elders, because I guess the fourth didn't show up! Haha, 2 are going to Jamacia, and the 3rd (Elder Meyers) is going to Mesa! So, watch out for him family! Our district is awesome, we all work so well together and get along great! We're so stinking funny hahaha most of class is us messing around. And our teachers! Ah! They're so wonderful! Sister Griffin and I start teaching our investigator (Grant) tomorrow morning (the other companionship's taught today). We're so pumped! Gosh, I love praying! We pray SO much. I love it. Haha a lot of the time I forget to pray until after I've started eating, or after I've started studying, but I'm getting better! I'll get into the habit eventually! (hopefully).
Sister Griffin and I got made the Sister Training Leaders last night! So that's cool. Haha I know we probably won't do much but I'm happy about it :) Ah! 
Ok, I had the coolest experience on my first day. First of all, the plane was aweful. I sat  by one of the Elders going to the MTC, and OH MY GOSH. He talked the ENTIRE time. Not even one minute went by that he didn't talk. But I was so nice! And I tried so hard to be loving and Christlike. Anyways, getting here was overwhelming! I was the last person to get to class, and I was just like "EMILY WHY ARE YOU HERE", kinda freaking out about what I was doing. Then, a little into the lesson, our teacher was like "Ok, I want each of you to go ahead and say a prayer. I want you to check in with Heavenly Father, let him know that you're here! Talk to him about how you're feeling, and then tell him that you are here, and committed to the next 18/24 months." So we did! He told us not to worry about time, so we prayed for a few minutes. But Ah! As soon as i "checked in" with Him, I was at peace! All my thoughts about why I was here were gone, and I was so at peace and so excited. It was like I could feel Him hugging me and telling me he was proud. It was way cool. :) 
We've had so many awesome experiences, and I totally love being a missionary! I love this work! We've been talking a lot about conversion vs testimony, and I love it. We read the parable of the ten virgins, but replaced "lamps" with "lamps of testimony" and "oil" with "oil of conversion". Reading it that was SO cool! I loved it so much! I'd definitely recommend doing that and thinking about what it means to be converted :) 
Anyways, I gotta run, but I love you all! The church is SO TRUE! i love it! I couldn't be happier with where I am now. I love my Savior!  I'm so happy!

Sister Wilson
Then a little later she wrote again:
ok, some  more things I wanted to add! 

I've been doing pretty well! I've learned a ton, and I haven't been homesick at all)! The food is super good (I try not to eat too much of it.. lol), we got BYU ice cream our first night, freaking YUM. It was so good. Some of the food is meh, but I'm hungry enough to eat just about anything so it's all good hahaha. And I love gym time! Haha I ran over a mile and a half yesterday, it was bombbb hahaha I loved it. Like I said I've got so many knots from sitting all day, I need to get out and do something! Haha! Sister Griffin helped rub one of my huge ones out thought so YAY for her! I love companions hahaha. Maybe it's just cuz we get along well and we're all such good friends already, but I love it! And I love praying together! Like, kneeling up together at night and praying, or in the mornings, or over meals, or before study, or after study, or ALL THE TIME. It's all so great! I love prayers! And I have such a strong testimony already that they really work! And they bring us so much closer together. Our district kneels to pray before and after every class, so I really love that :) Prayers are Sister Wilson's favorite! :)

Oh, and also, I'm the only one in my district that knows how to play piano and lead SOO GUESS WHAT I'LL BE DOING EVERY MEETING EVER. lol. 


Oh, and I just ran into Melanie Hale! I LOVE HER. She leaves Monday for Texas, she just got reassigned waiting for her visa! 

Love you all!

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