Monday, May 4, 2015

3 Months

First and foremost, sleeping in on pdays is the best thing that's ever happened to this mission. Glory, glory, hallelujah. *praises*. I was super sick last night so we stayed in an weekly planned and called random numbers to get our 20 contacts in for the day. That's always fun. Lol. Second, can somebody please send me a news article or something about the whole Baltimore thing?? We've talked to a few people about it and had some of the senior couples in the VC google it so we could read something, so I know quite a bit about it... The high school students doing a purge, what's his face died and had the funeral, the bloods and the crypts and the black gorillas all teamed up.... We went out last Monday night with our roomies (didn't wanna go out alone... Plus we were going to Hyattesville in the evening so you can never have enough people lol), and one of the people we visited had her TV on and it was Baltimore on fire, which was super scary! The CVS on fire, people surrounding and attacking cars, pulling people out of them, beating cops... WOOOOO. I love being in on all this action. Luckily none of that spread to the city here, they'd have to be stupid to start something in the city, but we've all been on edge about Anacostia and the gangs there getting excited. It seems to have calmed down (then again we're missionaries and have zero idea what's going on lol somebody send an update?). This is the most exciting mission EVER. If any of you were wondering, the Bloods, the Crypts, AND the Black Gorillas are all stationed in Baltimore, 23 miles from my apartment. *applause* *tears* *prayers* #prayforBaltimore

So this week has gone by way fast. I'm already halfway through my second transfer. NO. NOOOPE. An RM came into the VC and told us all about how "your first transfer is the slowest, and every one after that gets faster. Then all of a sudden you hit 6 months, then you blink and it's been a year, and then you're home." Um excuse me, home? What's that? Hmmm... Nope... Not going there... Time needs to slow the crap down. ACK. 

This week we took Tina and Bola off date for baptism... Which was super sad but it's ok! Bola has just been in Nigeria for 3 weeks so contact with her has been pretty limited, but she'll be home this week I believe so we can teach her again. And Tina is still GOLDEN! She came to church again yesterday and she's seriously already a member. She loves it! Cried all through testimony meeting, although we didn't get to sit by her because she just sits by whoever she doesn't know. She's awesome!! We went over after church and helped her clean her house. Anyways, we had a lesson with her on Thursday and we talked about baptism, and Sis K and I were feeling it was rushed, and Tina was feeling the same way. She's SO busy with work and everything and she hasn't gotten a chance to read and pray, and she said she wants to wait until school gets out (she teaches) so she can really study and get a strong testimony. Gosh I LOVE HER. Unfortunately I'm getting transferred next transfer so I won't get to keep teaching her, but I'll come back for her baptism! So excited for her!! 

We also got to meet with Jusu twice, and we're seeing him again tonight! He came to Why I Believe a few weeks ago, and afterwards we talked to him about the temple and showed him the temple model (super rushed cuz the VC was closing). We thought we scared him away cuz it was so much information thrown at him and we didn't hear from him for over a week! We finally got to see him, and turns out he LOVED the idea of doing work for his ancestors, and eternal families! We had two lessons with him just talking about family. He's going back to Sierra Leone in a few months to visit all his family (he's the only one here in America) and we're hoping he find himself a nice Mormon girl. <3 lol. He also said that once he gets his answer about everything we've taught, he'll dive in completely to our services, baptism, everything. Praying he gets that soon too! 

Betty came to church!! After 8 months of investigating, she came to CHURCH!!! What the?!? We FLIPPED when she told us she was coming! Haha she totally hated it and grumbled to herself the whole time but she CAME!!! It's a miracle!! Hahaha. Betty is crazy. Love her to pieces. 

We had interviews this week, and President told me he's going to transfer me out of Carrolton next transfer. Which is more bitter than sweet. It's been a really tough couple transfers, but holy goodness I love these people. I don't want to leave Little Africa! I'm afraid I'll be disappointed with every other area because it won't hold a candle to this one. These people are the most incredible people on the planet. I'm taking a humanitarian trip when I get home to Africa. I would go to Sierra Leone, but Ebola there is nuts right now.. Soo.. Pass on that. I'll go to a different country. But holy goodness these people! <3 <3 <3 <3 :'))) it'll be super, super hard to leave.

Can't wait to Skype next week! Love you all sooo much!

 Fennell family. AHH MY HEART <3 <3 <3

 OH! I ate a habanero pepper this week. Ate it. Chewed it. Swallowed it. Regretted it. BUT I DID IT. Before and after pics. (That's sister Philips on the left, an ASL sister. Love her)




 Literally living in the sacred grove. But prettier probably.

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