Monday, May 11, 2015

Do Rag

This morning we have our zone activity from 10-12, so this email probably won't be too long. We're playing capture the flag with a slip n slide in the middle and having a BBQ, so it should be pretty fun! Last night we had a sleepover! Sister Griffin (not my MTC comp, the other one) and Sister McArthur, Hermana Hansen and Hermana Plaizier all came over last night after shift and spent the night! It was so fun! We watched Johnny Lingo and ate popcorn and it was just super fun. We're all going to zone activity together so WOOP! Love them so much. It's going to be fun.

This week has been alright, not much happened. We got a new car! A 2015 Toyota Corolla, with 19 miles on it. Yeeeeep, 19 whole miles! It's got like 280 now but started out with 19 lol. SO. NICE. I'm in love. We named him Do Rag. Lol. So much better than our poopy Chevy Cruze. So that's awesome! Too bad I'm leaving Carrolton in a couple weeks haha. 

Our temple trip was on Friday, and it was so good! I've missed the temple so much, and it was just so good. Friday was another one if those days when we leave the apartment by 6am and get back after 9pm. Ah! It was super cute though, when we got to the celestial room there was a couple sitting in there all cute like. Turns out they were getting married, and waiting for the sealer. THEY WERE SO CUTE :') then a little temple worker came in and was like "the sealer is ready for you!" And they got all giddy and walked out. UGH SO CUTE. After the temple trip we had shift, and we saw the same couple taking pics outside. So. Cute. <3 Later some guy in their wedding party brought in some treat bags for all of us sisters on shift. They're our favorite wedding so far lol most people just use our bathrooms.

Fun fact, this past transfer the VC baptized more than the rest of the mission! WOO! Doing work in there. We have 2 new investigators now, one in Australia and the other in Michigan. Online teaching is so fun, but SO frustrating when you have an appointment and they don't pick up their phone. But it's incredible how you can feel the spirit through the phone. I LOVE online teaching! 

We didn't have much time in the area this week, so not a ton of teaching happened here. The time we did have none of our investigators could meet. Tina came on Saturday morning to clean the church building though! That was fun haha until she found out I was getting transferred in a couple weeks, then she kinda threw a fit lol. I LOVE TINA <3 

Well, that's about it haha not a ton to talk about this week! Skyping was BOMB, it was so good to see everybody! I love you all so much and I can't wait for Christmas! (Actually I can because I will have been out for almost 11 months by that point and I'm never coming home so Christmas can wait thanks). I LOVE YOU ALL <3

Have a great week!

Sister Wilson


 Cake for sis edwards bday last Monday! Made it myself, can't you tell? ;P Also all our silver wear was dirty (literally every single dish/piece of silver wear we owned was dirty), so we had to get creative on how we ate it. Lol

 SLEEPOVERRRRR (sister MacArthur and Griffin)

 Found a spider. NOPE. NOT IN MY HOUSE.

 Waiting for charity to Skype or mom to call me back lol

 adventures through the woods 
(didn't get very far lol we need big boots or the snakes will get us)

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