Monday, August 10, 2015


Ok, my 6 month mark is tomorrow and I'm freaking out because I just barely got here. There's no way I'm already 1/3 done, that's a bunch of bogus. I'm staying here forever, sorry.

Fun little fact before I get started-for those of you out there in Phoenix, you know Bishop Allen of the new Desert Ridge Ward? Yeah, his brother is in the bishopric of the Ward I'm serving in right now! We had dinner with him and his family this week (he's hilarious) and we figured it all out! Small world, right? Haha.

Also, remember the pictures I sent home a couple weeks ago of the silverfish poking out from behind the paper towel dispensers of the church? I'll send pictures again this week. Anyways, our apartment was infested with them. We started finding them all over the place, crawling over the ceilings, hiding behind cracks, everywhere. So we spent a good 2+ hours deep cleaning the apartment and vacuuming up as many as we could find. Then some guy came and sprayed the place down and we haven't seen any since! I'm kind of bummed that they didn't just close the whole place down, oh well. So that was the grossest thing that's ever happened before.

Anyways, this week has had some ups and a lot of downs. Been one of those weeks! We had 1 lesson this week with Cynthia, and finally started the actual new member lessons. The rest of the week was spent street contacting and calling formers. Lots and lots of walking. Talked to almost 200 people on the streets and got 0 information or return appointments. Gotta love DC. Friday morning we had a youth tour, but they were turds and it was really bad. Didn't go well at all. Note to youth: LISTEN WHEN SOMEBODY IS TALKING TO YOU. PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN FOR 2 SECONDS AND STOP TALKING. It was really frustrating. Then, the trainers disappeared and there was this huge tour that hasn't been assigned, so one of the senior couples assigned it to us. Right after we had finished this really bad youth tour. I had a pretty bad attitude about it while we hurried and planned for it, but once it started it was great. Definitely a tender mercy that we got that tour haha it's just what we needed to brighten our day. After shift we went and got dr pepper because life. We didn't have any appointments this week so we were going street contacting, which we weren't excited about either. So we decided to go contact on the Mall! And it was so fun. That was the first time I've been there at night and it was GORGEOUS. I love DC. Everybody there was a tourist, so we invited lots of people to the VC haha. It was fun.

We street contacted all day Saturday too (not at the Mall), and called a ton of formers. LONG WEEK. BUT THEN GUESS WHERE WE WENT. GUESS. WE WENT TO THE NATS GAME. OH MY GOOOSSSHHHHH IT WAS SO STINKING FUN. Sister Williams and I both lost our voices, worth it. They played the Rockies and won 7-1 I think. So rad. Bought a hat and a hot dog and a pretzel and a souvenir cup. Because 'Murica. I'll just send you all a bunch of pictures because that sums it all up pretty well.

Been a rad week, lots of contacting. Nats game was a win. Love you all a lot.
Much love, Sister Wilson

OH haha one more little story. While contacting this week, I went to talk to some lady at a bus stop. I walked up to her, and just as I started to say hi, she SCREAMS and yells "GET AWAY FROM ME".... "YOU LOOK RIDICULOUS"... And other profanities. It was a riot. Persecution is real. Hahaha. DC.
 Geeking out over these algae blooms #botanisttobe
 Good morning friend
 More contacting #chevychase
 More contacting
 Most of our district (minus 2 companionships)
 Wathen, Willums, Wilson, Wilson NATS

 I wish this pic actually worked so you could see the skyline but oh well
Temple rad as always

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