Monday, August 17, 2015

Bogus and Boogers

So this week has been totally bogus. It started out on a good note when we had dinner with the Cannon's, one of our favorite families in the ward. They're SO funny and their daughter is adorable. We love going over to their place! Brother Cannon served in Russia so we got to hear lots of good stories. Hahaha. After that, we went out street contacting for the next 2 hours. While we were walking, we had the impression to go into this little park place, and after a little hesitation, we went in. And guess who we ran into? BOYE! The Ethiopian man we contacted over a month ago! We passed him to the Amharic elders a couple weeks ago, but it was so cool running into him again. He ended up talking at us for the next hour, telling us his ENTIRE life story. He's great haha. He invited us to the Ethiopian embassy, which we were super bummed to have missed. Brings me to my next point... Being sick as a missionary is the WORST. Being comps with a sick companion is even worse. It started with me on Tuesday when I got this killer earache and headache. I felt like total garbage so I went down to the lounge during shift and tried sleeping it off after taking copious amounts of Tylenol pm. 

The next day I was feeling a bit better, but Sister Williams was starting to feel bad. We had dinner with the Ellis family (LOOOOOOOOOVE THEM, they're the best), and it was so fun! We played a card game with them after and cracked jokes all night, it was a riot. I love them so much!! That night we met with Kimberly again, the Cooke's came again which was great! I love them a ton. It was a great lesson until we found out that she is moving back to Colorado next Wednesday. Our one investigator that we have is moving across the country. So that's stinky. But she's happy and it's right for her, and she already looked up the address for her new Ward there. We're going to contact the missionaries there and let them know she's coming, so she'll be ok. Just a huge bummer that we won't be able to continue teaching her and see her progress. Prayers for her! She came to church yesterday and then to Why I Believe and loved all of it. She's so great, argh!! Love her. 

By Thursday Sister Williams was feeling really sick. Friday was even worse, and it's just gone downhill from there. We're both really sick right now, so we haven't been able to do much at all, which is awful. Being sick stinks. Long story short it hasn't been the best of weeks. People in DC are rude and prideful and nobody will listen to us. Our one investigator is leaving. The temple is closed so the VC is beyond dead. My online teaching pool is dead too. #missionlife. 

On a happier note, sister Willums and I are staying together in Chevy Chase next transfer! WOOOOOOOOOO. SO PUMPED. I LOVE this area, I could stay here forever. Love love loooveeee. Why I Believe was last night and it was great. I made yummy beef stew and banana bread one of the nights we were in sick. First time cooking in how many months now..? WOOP. 

Better weeks are coming! I love you all so much! 
Sister Wilson 

 five guys because it's been a hard week

 "Look at my bun." -Willums
 Sometimes I'm tempted to SC (street contact) the spiders because I feel like they're more likely to listen to us than the people.
 More SC (DC is actually beautiful and I love it here a whole lot)

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