Monday, August 3, 2015

Curry, waffles, chicken nuggets, omelet, ramen

So now that you know what I've eaten this week. 3 of the 5 of those were member meals. Can you guess which ones? Haha.

This week started on a good note when we WENT TO NIMI'S HOUSE. For those of you that don't know who Nimi is, let me tell you a little bit about him. Born in Thailand, but he's been here since he was 2-3. He's been meeting with missionaries since last October/November. He's had about 100 bdates.  ANYWAYS. So the missionaries have always met him at the church, nobody has ever been to his house before. He didn't even know that we knew his address (threw a little fit when he found out we've had it for months, lol). On Monday, he had his wisdom teeth out. And he was drugged up. And he called us. And INVITED US OVER. TO HIS HOUSE. So off we ran over there as fast as we could before he changed his mind. Just kidding we drove. And we couldn't speed because Tiwi. But anyways, we got there and brought him Popsicles and yogurt. Yum. He lives with his dad and brother (neither are very fond of Mormons so we were scared to death), so we couldn't go inside, but we went out back and talked with him there. We met his dogs, Connie and Elvis. Way cute. Then his brother Saquan came out. He's HUGE. Complete 180 of Nimi. I was dying. We've gone over there twice this week. Making history over here, folks.

We met with Kimberly again this week, and she's SO COOL. She went to Eddie Murphy's wedding. SO COOL. Haha I love her so much. She's so sweet and so sincere. We taught her the plan of salvation and invited her to pray about baptism on August 22nd. She's the best example of following Gods will for her over her own, and has done some really incredible things to show her dedication to Him. Praying for her a lot! Such an amazing lady. Love her.

On Saturday, the mission had our recent convert temple trip, and we brought Cynthia! It was so amazing being in the temple with so many new converts. They all got to do baptisms, which was great. I love the temple!!

Also, this week was harry potter's birthday. We wrote him a song, it was so rad. He's like 46 now or something.  

We had a super awesome youth tour this week too! I think they were from Pennsylvania? Maybe? Anyways, they were awesome. My favorite thing in the world is the Because He Lives exhibit. I'm not sure if I ever actually told any of you what that exhibit is, so I guess that would be good. The whole room is about Jesus Christ. You walk in, and there are panels hung on the walls, with pictures taken from the Bible videos. Each one is accompanied with a scripture from the bible that talks about what's happening. The panels start at the birth of Christ and go all through his life, death, resurrection, and appearance to the nephites (the last panel is him appearing to them, the only scripture from the BOM!). After the panel about the atonement, we play the because he lives video. ITS SO COOL. That description was pretty lame but I'm really praying that they make this a permanent exhibit in the VC so I can take you all through it so you can see how cool it is. It's the best. As soon as you close the doors behind you the spirit is just buzzing. We walk around the room with whoever is with us, and teach as we go. Then we sit down and talk about the atonement. Then we play the video. After the video, we testify and sister Wilson cries all over the place. Then we talk and teach some more. BOOM. It's my favorite place ever. I love it. It's powerful enough as is, but when we're with a youth group it's INCREDIBLE. The Lord loves his youth a whole lot. Shoot, he loves all of you a whole lot. Don't ever forget that. And if you think you're starting to forget, talk to me and I'll remind you. GOD LOVES YOU.

One thing I've been learning over the past 6 months is the change that comes through the atonement.  Before the mission, I knew what the atonement was at a very basic level, and I thought I had a testimony of it. HA. Then, when Charity left on her mission, she would always talk about the "power" that the atonement has, and how when we "rely on the atonement", everything works out. I didn't get it, and it really bothered me for a long time. How do you rely on the "power" of the atonement? What does that even mean? I had no idea, and still don't claim to understand it fully. But it's been so amazing to see the change that has happened as I've humbled myself and brought my weaknesses to the Lord. Ether 12:27- "...if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I GIVE unto men weakness that they may be humble... If they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." That's been the theme of my mission thus far haha. Although I didn't understand the atonement, and still don't understand it fully, I knew that somehow it was supposed to change me. So I did what Ether directed and came to the Lord about it. And he has definitely been showing me my weaknesses, haha. As I've humbled myself (an eternal struggle for me I think) and come to Him, He has shown me the things that have been holding me back. As I continue to humble myself, repent, and pray for divine help, the atonement somehow comes in. I don't know how it's been working, but it has. It has somehow softened my hard heart and changed the desires of it. A few months ago I had an experience that was as close to a "mighty change of heart" as I could get, and it's been a crazy adventure since then. I'll let you know when I figure out how this is all working, haha. For now, I just want you all to know how much I LOVE Jesus Christ. He is REAL. He loves you PERFECTLY. The atonement is real and powerful. Change happens, and it's a good thing. Be humble. God is always right, and His plans are always better. Be happy. God loves you. 

I absolutely love being a missionary!! Life is good. 

Love you all,
Sister Wilson
 Temple with Cynthia! What a cutie.
 Temple looking rad as always
 Happy bitdae Harry.
 Nimi came and surprised us at the VC then fell asleep in the BOM kiosk. What a nut.
 BBQ with Kimberly last week!
Embassies on embassies on embassies. #dc

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