Monday, November 2, 2015

Daylight Savings, part 2

This week has been super weird and pretty ineffective! We only had a small handful of hours in our area, so lessons didn't happen. We were able to go to the temple twice, and had some cool miracles. 

Tuesday we had an awesome ZDM all about the atonement and how we use it. That night, after having dinner with the Cannons, we went and visited Ximena, a less-active that we've been working with, and were able to have a super powerful lesson about the atonement with her. Being able to share personal stories about the atonement brings the spirit so quickly and so powerfully. It was awesome! 

Wednesday morning the sisters had our baptism trip to the temple. Sister Garrison brought family names, so we were able to pop up and do some initiatories for them after we finished baptisms! I LOVE the temple, and I'm beyond blessed to be serving so close to one and able to attend so frequently. Sister So and I were able to go to the temple again on Saturday morning for a recent-convert baptism trip! We took Carrie Lee Schults, a sweet Phillipino lady that got baptized in January that we're also working with. She's been wanting to go for so long, and it was so sweet being there with her! I love the temple! It truly is the Lord's house, and inside is where we can find the greatest peace in this world. Being able to serve at the Visitors Center and teach people about the blessings and peace inside is the greatest mission in the world! I'm so blessed, and I love my mission! 

So, a few weeks ago, Elder Fowler pulled Sister So and I and two other companionships aside, and told us that Salt Lake was coming out to film a video about the Visitors Center, and they had chosen us to be in it (We all have foreign companions, lol). They told us to be there early on Thursday and Friday for filming, and to "dress like the prophet is coming" (heh, it's funny cuz Prez Nelson is ACTUALLY COMING. more later.). So we get there early on Thursday morning, expecting a couple guys with a handheld camera. NUPE. We walk inside, and see that most of the furniture has been moved around to accommodate the cameras, lights, ladders, and who knows what else. Not to mention the giant film crew, make up/hair lady, and the actor that played Jesus. His name is John Foss, he's the coolest haha. A bit shocking! We spent the next 2 days at the VC "filming" (mostly sitting around waiting to do something). It was a bit of a pain, the whole VC basically shut down for 2 days, they actually locked the doors at one point lol. It's a big bummer when 2 awesome nonmembers come in, and as you're quietly teaching them about the Book of Mormon, a camera guy comes around and says, "Can you please be quiet, we're filming a movie!" Bummer. They got us really good catered lunch and snacks though, so it all worked out haha. 

Friday night after we finished filming, we went to our wards Halloween party. We combined with DC 3rd and the Spanish branch, and it was super fun. Chevy Chase definitely had the best costumes. #winning. On Saturday, we had shift right after we took Carrie to the temple. After shift, the senior couples got us Costco pizza and snowies and we had a little party! We had to be in by 5, so we headed home after ward correlation and made pumpkin bars with our roomies. Such a fun night! 

Yesterday, only Nimi came to church, but Ed came to a FHE at the mission home with us! It was so fun, there were tons of people there, they had a short lesson, we played a game, then had dessert. He loved it! This week we're actually going to meet with him and teach him so he can actually be baptized haha. He's so solid!! We're so excited for him! 

That's our mediocre week! It was pretty bad as far as actual proselyting goes, but this week will be so much better. I love this area, and I love Sister So! I can't believe that my 9 month mark is next week, and that I'll be halfway done. Time has gone SO quickly! I've had ups and lots of downs, but I absolutely love what I'm doing. I'm so grateful for the challenges that we go through, they bring us so much closer to the savior than we could ever get without them. The atonement really is powerful, and it has carried me through the most difficult times. God hears and answers prayers. Being a missionary is the most rewarding experience! I love God a whole lot, and I can't express how grateful I am to be doing what I'm doing! I love you all! 


Carrie and I after baptisms on Saturday. SHES SO CUTE. 


Jeff Foss (fr those of you that don't believe he played Jesus in the Bible videos)
Us with the main crew. 
Lights, check. Camera, check.

 We're basically famous now, right? 

 My favs

 Coming to you live from the Kennedy Center! 


Sister Harper visited from AZ <3


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