Monday, November 30, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I hope it was the best one yet and that you ate lots for me! :) 

Our week was pretty good! After a crazy fiasco searching for my lost metro card on Tuesday night, we were able to meet with Joe! He took us out to a pizza place in Dupont, and it was so. good. Holy smokes. Definitely my new favorite pizza place here! Joe is super funny, he reminds me a lot of my dad haha. He's beyond prepared too!! He was basically teaching us the lessons. I'm super bummed that he's going back to Arizona in a week, but I'm trusting that my family there is going to swoop him up and be friends with him. Lol. But really guys, thanks. Our lesson with him was bomb, and he's already planning on how he's going to get his wife into the BOM (she's the only reason he's not getting baptized yet). He's so, so solid, and I'm way bummed that he's not going to be here longer!

Thanksgiving was super great! We couldn't do any proselyting, so we baked some pies to take to the VC later that day. Then we headed over to the Ellis's house, and spent the morning/afternoon with them!! They're my favorite family I've met here, and I love them SO much! We played board games and made food and it was just a blast. Nian was there too, so we got to know him a ton! After we ate, he asked a bunch of questions, and Sister Ellis taught him the entire restoration, and it was so powerful! She's the best. Then, we went to the VC, and had a potluck with the sisters and senior couples and had thanksgiving round 2. It was awesome! Holidays on the mission are so stinking fun! I love it!

On Saturday night, we went over to the Ellis's again, had thanksgiving round 3, and taught Nian again! He's super prepared too! We watched the Joseph smith movie, and invited him to be baptized. He doesn't want to set a date yet, but he's working towards a baptism! He loves the BOM and loves learning. He said that he's finally found a "home for his spirit" :') Only downside is he's 23, and we told him about the YSA Ward. We went with him yesterday during relief society/priesthood, and he loved it and made lots of friends. So we're probably going to be passing him soon. Agh. We'll still get to go to his baptism though, so that's awesome! He's so great!!

Festival starts TOMORROW, and I can't tell you how pumped I am!! They turned on the lights for the temple workers last night and I about cried. In our training meeting on Friday, we set a goal for how many referrals we were going to get during the month of December. 2 years ago, they got around 100. Last year, they set the goal of 800, and got 810! A lot of changes have happened since then, with Elder Fowler coming in January and really pushing us. After getting a super awesome training from him about "with God, nothing is impossible", we said a kneeling prayer. Then, we set the goal of getting 2,000 people during the month of December to give us their information and agree to meet with missionaries. I am absolutely confident that that goal was set prayerfully, and that the Lord is going to provide a way for us to exceed that 2,000. Then, as companionships, we set daily goals for the entire month of December, and how many referrals we wanted to get those nights. Sister So and I are going to get {at least} 200 of them, and we're so excited! December is going to be exhausting and challenging, but I am beyond excited. The spirit of Christmas is real, especially at the visitors center! Remember to be happy and give thanks always. Read the scriptures and pray often. God's real and He loves you! Love you all! 

 Brother Ellis and Tysi!

 Miss y'all.



 The morning shift wore pilgrim hats, night shift wore feathers. #winning.

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