Monday, November 16, 2015

Over the Hill!

Happy 7th transfer! Thanks to everyone for their love and support, I love you all! 

 Wednesday was transfers, and it was the worst. They get worse every time as you watch people you've come to love so much leave! Sister Wathen went home, which was the worst. She's definitely been the one that's been keeping me sane a lot of the time this past transfer, and it's so different without her! She and Sister Amparo were huge examples to me, and we all miss then a ton already. Transfers stink. Sister So and I are staying together for another transfer, yay! She's the best. They also split our zone, so that's exciting I guess. 

On Wednesday night, Joe called us to tell us that he was moving back to Arizona permanently, and that he was leaving Thursday night! He's going to look up the church there! Bummer for us, but good for him. On Saturday morning, we woke up at 5 because our phone was going off. Ed texted us, and dropped us. He said he's decided to stop taking the lessons, and discontinue his association with the Church! So lame! He still hasn't responded to any of our texts or calls, and he's not responding to any of his friends from church either. Pretty sad, agency stinks! We were pretty bummed about that all day, we're back to finding! AH.

Despite having no investigators again, we had an awesome day Saturday morning at the VC!! We spent a couple hours with one couple, the husband is a convert of a few years, and his wife isn't a member (from China, doesn't speak any English and he doesn't speak any Chinese. Weird relationship, long story...). Sister so was able to teach her a ton, and I taught him a ton! The lady ended up upper boxing, and she has ton of potential! WOO. An hour or so after they left, a family from El Salvador walked in. They weren't members, and wanted to go in the temple. We were able to show them around and teach them a ton, and found out that their 16 year old son has been meeting with missionaries every other week! Apparently they meet in his room, so the rest of the family has no idea what they do or believe or what's going on, but they're supportive! We taught them a ton and they are SO PREPARED. When talking about sealings and eternal families, the dad leaned over to the youngest son and was like, "Andrew! Do you want to get baptized? How do you feel? Do you feel that burning deep in your heart??" UM IM SORRY WHUT. IT WAS SO COOL. The spirit was so powerful, it was such a neat experience! The whole family upperboxed! #MIRACLES. Even though our area is a huge struggle, I'm so grateful for the visitors center and the incredible miracles we see there every day. It's an amazing blessing and I love my calling!! :) 

The Ellis family is the best family in the world. They're the best member missionaries, and brought their neighbor to church yesterday! His name is Nian, he's also from China! Pretty sure he's YSA, but we're meeting with him on Sunday! NICE. MEMBER MISSIONARIES ARE THE BEST. Brother Ellis and Matthew came to Why I Believe last night, and told us about another one of their neighbors that Sister Ellis is talking to, they're bringing her to the VC sometime soon! The best people in the world!! 

Other than that, it's been a pretty normal week! We're back to finding, WOO. We've been doing tons of Festival prep, got trained for ambassador and diplomat night on Friday, I'm SO. PUMPED. Life's good. 

 My comp is the cutest
 Mid singles! Volunteered at a food bank. It was rad. 


 Last McDonalds run with these babes. OH MY HEART. 😭
 Rockville District!
 Elder Fowlers bitdaee
 Leaning to use chopsticks. Basically Chinese.

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