Monday, January 18, 2016

The Mainland

Happy MLK Day! This has been the craziest week of my mission. I feel like I've experienced every emotion under the sun, it was exhausting! We'll just get right into it I guess:

So, it snowed twice this week! Once on Tuesday while we were out street contacting, and the second time on Sunday! So fun, it was so pretty! Nothing really stuck, but it was gorgeous. Snow in the city is the best thing! It was fun for the first few minutes, until it turned into a blizzard or something and we ended up running for our lives to the car. Sister So almost blew away, it was nuts! Tuesday night in general was absolutely insane, we ended up in Virginia at one point. WOOP. Lol. 

On Wednesday, we got a call from the a Elders saying that Sister Ellis was in the emergency room. She's been having back problems, and ended up having back surgery on Friday morning, so it's been scary! She's ok now, she's recovering at home, but keep her and her family in your prayers! On Friday night, we went over to their house to help out and spend some time with their kids. We helped the kids clean up, Nian made some dinner, and then we had a fun lesson with all of them and played a game! It was awesome! 

While we were cleaning up, we were talking with Nian, and he told us that he was going back to China.. The masters program he was in required a 3.0 GPA, and he got a 2.9, so they kicked him out and told him to be out of the country by February 3rd! THE HECK. For those of you that don't know, mainland China is one of the few countries where we don't have missionaries. You're also not allowed to attend any church services or anything if you're not already a member of the Church, so we naturally freaked out with him, and we brought up the possibility of baptism before he left. He declined, and didn't feel ready for baptism yet, he wanted to wait until he came back in August (he applied for some universities on the west coast, NICE). It was so devastating! We were sad for a day or two before we came to terms with it. Still super devastated, but we knew God would watch out for him. Then yesterday happened. AH. MIRACLES. So yesterday was Why I Believe, which was awesome! I performed with Sister Griffin and Sundwall! While we were doing a mic check, the elders in our ward come running down the stairs of the auditorium, and tell us they have "exciting and scary news!". They proceeded to tell us about how they had been over with the Ellis's and Nian was there. They ended up sharing a message with them, and talked about baptism (which was really weird. Don't do that.). Nian said no, and they left. Then, apparently Shayna talked with him, and she's just a miracle worker. He agreed to baptism, and found us at why I believe! He's getting baptized this Saturday!!! AHHHH! It was a HUGE miracle, I'm SO happy! It's right before all of us leave the area as well. He'll be able to go to church and everything now, it's perfect!! I know this is God's work! It's been amazing seeing Him work through Nian. Everything has played out perfectly, and I know that wasn't a coincidence. God is real, and He knows His children. This is His work, and I'm so grateful to be a part of it! I love being a missionary! I love you all! 

Sister Wilson

 I love my area you guys. 


 Nian and Harry Reid. #cc



 Why I Believe!

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