Monday, January 11, 2016

Titling these emails is the hardest thing

This week has been awesome, and exhausting! Festival is officially over, and all the Christmas stuff has been taken down. It's weird getting back into the normal swing of things, but so nice! Festival recovery is real haha. 

On Tuesday, we went and visited Denise, an old lady in our ward. She's had big problems, so we went over to clean up all the residue and put her apartment back together with the Bishops wife. It was super fun! I wish more people let us do service for them, people here are weird about letting us help with things. "No thanks, we'll ask the Elders!" UM NO WE'RE PERFECTLY CAPABLE OF HELPING YOU THANKS. Let sister missionaries help you, guys. It's so frustrating, but I love when people actually give us stuff to do! It's the best!! 

Thursday, the zone leaders asked us to come and give a workshop in the 12-Week meeting (trainers and trainees) about companionship unity. It was SO FUN. I love giving workshops, especially about stuff like companions. I've been super blessed to have great companions, and I love my companions right now, they're my favorite!! We had so much fun. We did the "10 Commandments of a Companionship". It was hilarious. Haha. 

Nian is still doing super well, we had a super fun lesson with him on Saturday about the Commandments. He's so sincere, ugh he's the best!! We also got to see Carly, Orin Hatch's referral, again! She and her fiancé just got married, they're so cute, he's from Chile! She's super nice and has potential! We had 2 lessons this week, it was awesome! We have 2 investigators right now, which is the most we've had in months! And they both have lots of potential! I love this area so much! I'll probably be transferred out this coming transfer, I've been here for 9 months already... I've learned so much and I'm so grateful so all the experiences I've had here. I LOVE Chevy Chase! it's been my refiners fire for sure! I've learned so much about the atonement and discipleship. I know more than ever that God is real, and that He is aware of us. The atonement is powerful, and I've felt that in my life daily! You guys, I love the gospel SO. MUCH. I love being a missionary! I love the Book of Mormon and I know it's a true book. Read it every day, it'll change your heart.  The Church is so true, and I absolutely love what I'm doing! God is so good! 

Love you all!
Sister Wilson

 The only pics we took were car selfies, sorry haha
 It's been cold this week.

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