Monday, June 15, 2015


It's been an exciting week! Last Monday night was fun for sure, we spend a good 95% of our time in the area out in the streets contacting people, trying to find somebody to teach! So last Monday we went down to Georgetown to drop off a BOM to someone that ordered one on (turns out they actually didn't order one), then we tracted a bit down there, no success there. So we started heading back towards the apartment, passed the National Cathedral and everything on the way (so cool). It was starting to get pretty cloudy, but it was golden hours so we couldn't go in. We ran into this cute little Ethiopian man sitting on a park bench, and ended up talking with him for 20 minutes or so! He wasn't interested in changing religions, but he took a Book of Mormon and we're hoping we run into him again somewhere! He was so sweet.  Anyways, clouds getting darker, wind picking up, etc. we make it back to our car and head back towards our apartment so we can contact there. By the time we get there, it has turned into the most torrential downpour I've ever seen. The kind where you can't see a block ahead of you because it so much stinking water. BUT, we still had 20 minutes of golden hours, so we had to go out! Oh man was it fun. Haha we had one tiny umbrella, which did absolutely SQUAT. Haha because of the downpour there was nobody out, so we walked to a CVS a few blocks away, hoping to find some people there! On the way we passed a bus stop with an old man that went to the temple open house in '74, then tugged on sister Williams hair. MAKE IT TO CVS. At this point, we're dripping wet. We thought at this point we were soaked through. Nobody in the CVS wanted to talk with us either, so we bought some Oreos. The clerk was nice. TREKKED HOME. Haha it was super fun, we were just belting hymns trekking through this waterfall of rain. So fun. We made it back to the apartment, completely SOAKED to the skin. Water was actually pouring off of us, not dripping. NUTS. It was a darn good night haha!

Tuesday we had our zone/district meeting, and I accidentally closed district meeting (said the closing prayer, there was still another workshop, WOOP hahaha). Then, that night at the VC, we gave the AP's and their investigator a tour! This guy had had a dream that Christ came to him and led him to the temple, so he texted the AP's and asked if they could bring him here. It was SUCH a good tour, the spirit was SO strong. It started out pretty rocky, but as soon as we got into Because He Lives, the spirit was just EXPLOOODING. Best feeling in the world, folks. Best feeling in the world. I love being a missionary! Wednesday was pretty eventful too haha! Oh man. Long story short, we walked almost 6 miles that night. ACK. We walked down Connecticut, contacting, when Nimi texted and asked if we could meet. So we jumped on the metro and went to the church to meet him! Had a great lesson, commit him to baptism (for the 6th time). We got out of that lesson at 9:10 or so, leaving us 20 minutes to get home. We ran to the metro just as the cars pulled away, the next train coming in 20 minutes. So. Haha. We decided that it might be faster just to run home, since the nearest metro to our apartment is still over a mile away. So we did! We ran from the church to our apartment. Ducked behind trees and bushes every time a car drove by because we thought we were gonna get shot lol. We slept well that night for sure haha. Night of Music was last night, I accompanied one number, which w as fun! The whole theme was on missionary work, so all but one of the songs were hymns that missionaries sang in their languages. So cool! 

As far as the area goes, it's been alright. It's hot and humid as HECK oh my gosh it's AWFUL. And apparently it gets much worse in July/August. I miss Phoenix heat! We just passed around a meal calendar yesterday and people actually signed up! WOW! We have somebody feeding us every day this week except Saturday and Sunday! WAT! Let the weight gain begin! lol. Just kidding. Anyways haha so we'll be working a lot so members, hopefully they'll give us some referrals of people we can teach! Crossing our fingers and praying more than ever! This week we've talked with almost 200 people, 50 of those being in a single night. Guess how many return appointments we got? 0. Guess how many phone numbers we got? 0. Haha. It's fun. We also dropped one of our 2 people in our area book, so as of now we have a whopping one investigator! She's SO solid though (because she's Nigerian and not from here lol). She's planning on being baptized by the end of the month, she's praying about a specific date! WOO! So that's way exciting! But yeah. Like Sam said, there are a lot of not very humble, meek, and submissive people here in DC. Like 99.8% of the population here actually lol. BUT, when we find that .2% (Cynthia), they're SOLID. Haha I'm not discouraged though, no worries! we're working hard and we know there's at least one person in DC that's prepared, we've just gotta find them! It's like a big game here haha we have lots of fun contacting. Gotta love em. The ward is super great though, I love it! Our ward doubles as the mid-singles ward, and the mid singles are the best haha they're always wanting to come out with us (if we ever have an appointment haha), it's such a good ward! Chevy Chase fellowships everybody SO WELL. Cynthia is already friends with all the mid-singles, and the teachers are incredible. Love it! 

Also, I hit my 4 month mark this week! WOOOP! I love every minute of this! I love you all!

Sister Emily Wilson

 OH HAHAHAHAHA. So Thursday. We called the APs and got permission to drive 40 miles north to get cafe rio for lunch. WORTH IT. #weeklyplanning

 National cathedral

Little bit of rain doesn't stop us during golden hours 💪

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