Monday, June 8, 2015

Dinner and Dog Parks

This week has been pretty good for the most part! I got super sick twice, which wasn't very fun, but I'm ok now! Whew! I don't have any super funny/crazy/good stories from this week so this will probably be a shorter email. Monday night the Mismash's fed us! They're the funniest couple I've ever met haha. We had the best turkey burgers, then had some dove chocolate coconut shake thing for dessert. SO. GOOD. Brother Mismash tried to get us a dinner appointment for Thursday night, but couldn't find anybody, so they insisted on feeding us again! Haha it wasn't raining so we all decided to go eat outside at the "park". We carry all the food outside to this little field with a single picnic table at center and get settled. Just one picnic table, middle of the field. As the meal goes on, we come to find out this was a dog park! There were 6-8 dogs there romping around hahaha they were super fun! We enjoyed that a ton haha.

So we don't have very many people to teach here, we have 3 people in our area book. Which means we spend most of our time out contacting people! More often than not we get rejected, but it's amazing to see how the Lord will lead us to the one prepared person as we prayerfully seek them. This week we found one person (Ramona) that was halfway interested in learning more! We had been out for an hour or so, walking to check on a former. The former had moved years ago, so that was a bust. We had been talking with people (more trying to talk with them) all down Connecticut, praying that we would find the one! Outside the formers house was a bus stop with one little Spanish lady sitting there. I felt prompted to talk with her, but kept walking! We checked on the former, they didn't live there, etc. Thankfully, the lady was still sitting there when we walked back! So we sat with her and talked about the Book of Mormon! She was super sweet (because she's foreign lol)! We prayed with her and asked if she would be interested in meeting with missionaries. She gave us quite a few excuses haha but after much persistence, we got her information! Unfortunately she's Spanish speaking so we had to pass her. But still! We got somebody that wanted to meet with missionaries! WOOOOOOO. It was wonderful! Haha talking with people here is terrifying, but I've never felt more like a missionary! I love every minute of it.

Saturday morning we helped a family in the ward move! We had quite a few people turn out to help load the truck, but not many people helped unload haha. Their new apartment didn't have an elevator. We slept really well that night haha. 

Sorry this email is pretty lame haha we haven't done anything super crazy this week! Today we're going to tour the Capitol with our roomies, then going to lunch. It's going to be great! Lots of pictures to come! Oh, I got the package that the YW sent this week! Give them all huge hugs and thank yous from me!! And remember the Ford family? They were in our ward a few years back, they taught Jeremy's primary class? They came into the VC this week! Super fun! 

Well, that's about all I have to say this week! I'm loving the challenge of the city and loving sister Williams! Cynthia might be getting baptized this weekend (they've been meeting with her for a few months now, I've only met her a couple times!). She came to church yesterday and loved it, she just walked up to a mid-singles group (our ward is also the mid-singles ward btw) and they were all best friends within minutes. She's going to be such a great member! So that's pretty exciting! I guess they met her out street contacting, so there is hope for us haha! 1/1000 street contacts turn into baptisms, and there are how many thousands of people in DC? Haha. 

I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Wilson

 Bird nest outside the VC that we're watching!
Roomies! Sister Veenker is in front, sister Ete in the back


  (ps its massive btw)

 Last Pday, the Whites took all of us VC sisters to five guys for lunch! YUM.

Service selfie

This morning we went and got a VIP tour of the Capitol. So. Cool. They're doing renewal work on the dome, so it'll be covered in scaffolding probably my entire mission but hey! SO. COOL

 Not very good at jumping pics lol

 They're restoring all the walls to the original paint/etc, and it's beautiful. 


 George Washington is buried under here. I think.(Nope)

 We couldn't open the doors or we'd get arrested in seconds, but we snuck back and peeked through the crack! When the President makes his inauguration speech, he walks down the stairs (the ones we walked down to get here) and stands out here. This is his view. #MURICA 🇺🇸)

 Found good ol Brigham!

 Walked through a ton of the underground tunnels! SO COOL!



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