Monday, June 29, 2015


So, we don't get a Pday today since the 4th is this Saturday (WOOO MURICA), but we get a couple hours to shop and email. So! It's been the best week ever! So much has happened! First and foremost, CYNTHIA GOT BAPTIZED on Saturday!! WOOO. SHES SO GREAT. It was such a good service too. It poured all day here, so everybody was late, the service started almost an hour later than planned haha BUT she got baptized so it all worked out. She got confirmed in church yesterday! Ugh such a good weekend. I love her so much! Sister Williams and Sister Wathen found her street contacting her one night, and she was SO prepared. Shes soaked up everything we've told her, and is so excited about everything. What a cutie. LOVE HER.

The rest of the week was pretty good, we had zone conference on Tuesday and focused a lot on finding out individual purpose as missionaries and staying loyal to that. Really good stuff. We also got black boxes in all of the cars! They're a big black box. On the front windshield. It yells at you if you speed/turn too fast/accelerate too fast/brake too hard/hit a bump too hard/etc. good thing I'm such a good driver and only got yelled at twice for almost speeding. Lol. It's a fun game. Then on Thursday the entire mission got to go to the MOTAB concert!! SO COOL. Haha we made up about half of the audience, the rest were over the age of 70. But it was so good. Alex Boye came HAHA he's great. We got a kick out of that. (Watch his I'm A Mormon video hahahahaaaa). 

This week we also had a huge youth tour! Youth tours are my favorite part about being a missionary so far, and I'm SO happy that I get 2 summers here. During the summer months (late May-August), stakes from all over the temple district sign up for a youth tour. All the youth come and split up into groups (the group this week has 130 total youth, split up into groups of 25). We have a program that we follow with them, each group has an hour to go over to the temple and do baptisms, but the rest of the time they're over with us in the VC! It's an all day thing, this week we were with them from 10-4:30. And oh my goodness, they are such a blessing. I feel like I got more revelation than they did haha. I'm just blown away at how incredible the youth are. I'd always scoff when older people would talk to us as youth and say how strong we were and everything, but being with them? WOW. It's incredible and was a huge testimony builder to me. Missionary work is hard, especially in a Visitors Center, but days like that make it all worth it! My testimony of the Savior was strengthened SO much. I know without a doubt that he LIVES and knows us personally. It's the greatest experience being able to testify of Him every single day. I love being a missionary!!

I love you all!
Sister Wilson 

 CYNTHIA <3 <3 <3



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