Monday, June 1, 2015


Transfer 3 here we go! You'll never guess where I am and who my comp is!! GUESS. OK. *drumroll* ........... IM IN CHEVY CHASE. WITH SISTER WILLIAMS. AS IN EDEN WILLIAMS. AS IN ONE OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET. I LOVE IT. And Chevy Chase! I LOVE. Our area covers all of downtown DC, all of the Mall except for the Capitol building, Georgetown, the northern part of DC, and everything in between. So pretty much the best area in the mission probably. I LOVE being in the city! It's the complete opposite of Carrolton. There are so, so many people here and they're always in a hurry. There's just a constant buzz and I love it! So many people! Our apartment by the National Cathedral if any of you know where that is. Way cool. I stinking love DC. 

And the ward. HA. HAHA. HA. I can't. I feel like I just need to make a list of all the people in this ward. AHEM. Harry Reid. Recent convert Senator Larry Pressler. The Marriots. Two of the 70. The treasurer of the house (or something like that can't remember his title #ialmostfailedgovernment). And then some of the most prestigious lawyers/officials in the world. So. Ahem. We had stake conference yesterday, and we just casually sat behind Harry Reid and his body guards. Looked around the congregation at all the other body guards. What the POOP am I doing here. Lol I have no idea how to be classy. This place is FANCY. Basically, if you know of any government officials that are Mormon, there's a 99% chance they're in my ward. Shoot. 

 Saying goodbye to everyone in Carrolton was pretty hard, especially Betty! Oh man. We made hamburgers with her on her little grill thing again, except I think the meat was bad because sister Kohler and I got way sick. But she was SO sweet. She was laughing and joking and we ended up singing campfire songs. I love her so, so much! Then we went to see Jusu, who brought his girlfriend to meet us. Haha he had us give a blessing on them and their relationship. I love him too! We didn't think we'd be able to see Tina because she's been so busy, but Tuesday night at like 9:00, we get a text telling us to come over. We were super far away but we booked it over there! That goodbye was super tough, not only because I love Tina with my whole heart, but also lord of the rings turned on just as we were leaving. I cried lots lol. MY HEART. Haha. I absolutely loved serving in Little Africa! It was the most humbling experience, and I'm so grateful that I was able to serve there. Hopefully I'll go back sometime in the next 14 months! It's the BEST. <3 

So since Sister Williams and I came out together, we still don't really have any idea what we're doing haha. Which I actually love, because it forces us to work harder. We're learning so, so much and it's wonderful! We spend a lot of our time out contacting, trying to find someone that we can teach. And that means a whole lot of walking, bus riding, and metroing! Haha. Contacting on the metro is the SCARIEST thing in the world. There's this unspoken rule that you just DONT TALK ON THE METRO. The only time someone is talking on the metro is usually because a missionary is trying to strike up a conversation lol. Most people know that the people with the black tags will talk to you if they sit next to you, so when we sit down they'll usually put their headphones in, and turn as faaaaaar away from you as they can haha. Occasionally you'll get one person that'll ask what your badge is and you can talk that way! But for the most part is terrifying haha. Definitely out of my comfort zone here! It's so exciting! Haha we had one lady that we met the other day on the street that wanted to have a bible study with us, it was awesome! I got so excited that I forgot to get her phone number. Lol. Praying that she calls us hahaha. 

 Anyways, there's not much else to say! We have a couple people that we're teaching, one is on date for the 14th of June! They've been teaching her for quite a while now, but she's super cool, she came to stake conference yesterday and loved it! We're super excited for her! Then we have Nimi, who's taking us to lunch tomorrow! Haha. I love this area and I love Sister Williams! I love DC and being able to serve here. I love being a missionary!! 

 Love you all, Sister Emily Wilson
 Bishop and Sister Cropper <3

 "Make a funny face Betty!" <3 <3

 TINA <3

 Twinning for transfers <3

 Chevy Chase (wish I had more pics of everything but there's just too much!!)

 Sister Williams, sister Cain, sister parabirsing, and moi! Love them.

We're going to have WAY too much fun together. <3 <3


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