Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cold air and loud music

It's super weird emailing again since I emailed a few days ago. Haha sorry if I repeat some things that I said on Tues/Wed.

MIRACLES. For those of you that are unaware, DC is the "Europe of the U.S.". Not a whole lot of people to teach. Actually 0 people to teach for the past few weeks. We've been doing a lot of finding and not having a lot of success. On Friday, we were street contacting our way to the metro to check on a less active, and we saw a family sitting waiting for the bus. We stopped and started to talk to them (DC has taught me to be super bold and direct) about the temple and eternal families. Turns out they've been looking for a new church and we got their information! WHAT. Not even that, it was actually their REAL information! WHAAT. #miracle. We set an appointment for the following evening. You can imagine we're pretty stoked about this. The rest of the day we're walking on air, until we actually mapped their address. Haha God has a sense of humor for sure. They live LESS THAN A BLOCK OUTSIDE OF OUR AREA. No joke. Not even one whole block. That was amusing haha. We went to the appointment on Saturday, we're going to teach them once and get them settled in before we pass them over to our roomies. It wasn't a good time for them, we rescheduled for next Saturday. Stay tuned.

Saturday was pretty great. Do you guys know Al Fox? She's the Mormon convert with all the tattoos? Has a super successful blog and she's kinda famous? Yeeeeeeep. We met her. She came to the VC. She's so cute. She came with Hank Smith (the up and rising John Bytheway) for an all day thing for the youth (and whoever else showed up). She told her story, then Hank had different classes/sessions throughout the rest of the day. We didn't get to hear Al, but we got to listen to one of Hank's! It was SO GOOD. He talked about building a foundation and lots of great things. Everybody go listen to him, he's my new favorite. We had dinner with the Lindsay's, they're rad. Love them. 

This week has been pretty uneventful, sorry! I love Chevy Chase, and I love you all! have a great week! 

Sister Wilson 

No idea what to caption these, pretty self explanatory. Enjoy I guess?


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