Monday, September 7, 2015


Lots has happened this week but I,m making cinnamon rolls today so I'll try to get it all in as briefly as possible. YAY. It's been a good (long) week. We still don't have anybody to teach but that's ok! We're working super hard and praying and fasting lots. It's good. Tuesday we had sisters conference which was awesome! We all met up at Riley's Lock (SO PRETTY, one of the places the soldiers stayed and crossed the Potomac during the civil war) and had a little morning walk and got prepped for the theme of the day (Proverbs 3:5-6). After that we went back to the stake center and heard from lots of speakers, had lunch, did a talent show (I was in it representing grab rack stuff haha). It was AWESOME. Such an incredible experience. After that we were coming home and we saw TACO BELL. Made a quick pit stop but their freeze machine was broken (during happy hour of all times). Worth it though. Yum.

For a member meal this week, Heidi took us to COSTCOOOO. ON THE INSIDEEEEE. So that was incredible. By the way, apparently a Costco membership is only $50 and can be split between two people. So that's happening this week.

Our mission is really focusing on doing service right now, but we haven't been able to find anybody that will let us do anything for them. Literally no person ever. Not even the members. Frustrating. So on Saturday we were on our way to the metro to go check on a less active and street contact when we ran into two guys putting us signs all over. We started talking to them and then asked if we could help (not knowing what these posters were at the time). BUT THEY SAID YES. Turns out the Pope is coming to DC in a couple weeks for some huge rally about political equality and global warming and poverty rates and stuff. And these guys were putting up signs on everything they could find. And then they enlisted us to help. And we're missionaries. And this was politics. AGH. These guys said that if we helped they'd get us seats at the rally to sit right behind the pope. WHUT. That was hard to turn down. After we helped them put up signs for 40 mins or so we politely told them that we couldn't help them anymore (they weren't fond of that). So close to meeting the Pope. AGH. 

Anyways, sorry this email is really lame. It's been good. Life's good. We dropped Nimi forever this week. Apparently he just hopped over to another Ward instead. Ugh. Anyways. That's all. Love you guys. 

 Glory glory
 Never been so happy to see so much PB
 Found a cat last night SC and we became best friends for like an hour. #crookshanks
 Main man.

 Rally with Pope Francis
 Really. Come Rally with Pope Francis everybody.
LA wasn't home but we found this Giant preying mantis. So. #win

The trainers are bomb and sometimes they go on Starbucks runs. #blessed

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