Tuesday, September 15, 2015

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly... Literally.

It's been an eventful week over here in Washington DC. The Gillespies are going home in 2 days (ACK HEARTBREAK) so we had a little goodbye party for them at the VC on Monday. On Tuesday we had zone district meeting and then went to Simpson & Klaass's apartment for lunch. They. Are. So. Fancy. More about that later. 

Tuesday night I was on exchanges with Sister Amparo, it was super fun. An adventure for sure. We had dinner with the Cannon family, they're the best! Oh man I love them a lot haha. They're so cute. We street contacted for the rest of the night and it was awesome! We talked with SO MANY PEOPLE! Amparo is so stinking good at talking with people it's nuts. We taught a stinking ton of street lessons and got some peoples information! So cool! Our new investigator is a homeless man that told us all about how he's running from the law and has done some pretty shady stuff. So. WOOP. That'll be fun. We met quite a few personalities that night. One of those personalities decided to fly RIGHT into my esophagus in the middle of a lesson. We had just stopped this man and started talking with him. At the exact moment that I opened my mouth to say something, a small, flying creature flew into and lodged itself right behind my tonsil. I started gagging, and the only thing I could think to say was, "Holy crap, I just ate a bug." The man looked at me and just said "....that's really gross...". Luckily it wasn't gross enough to scare him away. Amparo kept talking to him while I silently freaked out that this bug was still alive, moving around behind my tonsil. He wasn't the typical bug that flies in your mouth and dies. Nope. This guy fought for his life, he wasn't going down without a fight. Within the course of this short conversation with this man, the bug crawled/flew behind both of my tonsils, up into my sinus, down my throat, and back up my throat. Eventually, after chugging my entire water bottle, he got washed down my throat and stayed there. Probably the nastiest thing of my life. Lolllll. 

On Thursday we had an awesome lesson in the VC with a couple ladies from Anacostia. They asked lots of deep doctrine questions so I looooved it. It was rad. Friday we weren't allowed to be in our area since we're in DC and it was 9/11. Also my 7 month mark, woah. We had training meeting in the morning (Gillespies had their departing testimonies), and then went over to Sister Amparo and Urbina's apartment (same ones Simpy and Klaass live in.) They're called the Safeway towers, and they're beyond fancy. Brand. new. And they live on the 17th floor. SO. FANCY. The guy that build them is the temple president so he gave the mission a good deal on them, so now there are like 15 companionships living in these beyond fancy apartments. It's ridiculous. We're over here putting sheets in our vents to keep the smoke out and battling silverfish daily. Oh well, there are missionaries in South America sleeping in grass huts on dirt floors. #gratitude.

Saturday morning, our zone went down to the Nats stadium to volunteer for a blind 5k. (no, not a run for the blind, these were blind people running). Getting there was quite the adventure! For those of you that haven't driven in Maryland/DC before, it's awful. If you make a wrong turn, you can't flip around and get back on track, the road will be a one-way freeway that will take you 8 miles before there's another exit that takes you even farther off track. It's crazy. So, we re on our way to the stadium and everything was going really well. And then all of a sudden we were crossing the Potomac (not our mission). And then we were passing the Pentagon (not our mission). We got all the way to Arlington cemetery before we found a place to pull over and figure out where in the heck we were haha. Simpy called the AP's. "So, we have a bit of a problem. We just passed the Pentagon." HAHA. Eventually we found our way back to the freeway and made our way back to our mission. We missed another exit and ended up in Anacostia. We got to the stadium eventually and it was rad. Stinkin DC. Hahahaa. 

It's been a great week! Being a missionary here is the best. It's hard, but so rewarding. I love this country, and I love the Lord! 

Love you all! 
Sister Wilson

 Zone activity today! Played beach volleyball, SO FUN. Potomac. Edge of the mish.


 View from Amparo's apartment.
 View from our apartment.
 Harry Reid's secret service people. Rad.
 People here are weird.
 Street contacting and we found this GORGEOUS little woodsy area. Such a nice change from buildings

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