Monday, September 28, 2015


This week has been totally nuts. I'll start with the not so nuts part of it. Transfers are on Wednesday, I'm staying here in Chevy Chase and Willums is leaving! Sad, but I'm excited for a change. Also, we had an actual lesson this week! We went over to Dottie's place last night and taught her all about the Book of Mormon and church. She was super close to being baptized the last time missionaries taught her, but then she fell and ended up in the hospital and they lost contact. So we see lots of potential there! YAAAES. 

Ok, on to the crazies. Wednesday or Thursday night (all the days blend together) we got a call from the zone leaders telling us that we were being evicted. Sort of. Those apartments were super awful haha so they cut the lease and moved us out. In like 2 days. They told us that we were moving to Bethesda with Sister Wathen & Cain, and that we had to be out by Saturday. WHAT. So, we spent all day Friday packing and cleaning. Saturday morning a whole herd of elders came over (elders in the apartment is the weirdest thing EVER) to move our furniture out. Then they left to go move some other sisters or something. Our roommates were at the VC, so Willums and I spent ALL. DAY. cleaning and packing and cleaning and moving and AGH. It was nuts. Our new apartment is a hundred times better though. Worth it.

Another crazy: sisters aren't allowed to be out after 6:30pm anymore unless we have set appointments that we can drive to and go straight in. We have to be in the apartment by the time the sun goes down until November 1st, then we have to be in at 6:30. WHAT. So that's SUPER crazy. We'll either be doing studies or online proselyting during those hours now. So weird. 

Women's conference was great as always! I'm SOOOO beyond pumped for conference. 3 new apostles haven't been called for just over 100 years. NUTS. The Lord is hastening His work on both sides of the veil! 

Well, sorry this is pretty short and lame. It's been a crazy, long week! I love you all! 

Sister Wilson 

 Dinner with Emily at Cityburger -- SO GOOD


 The presidents - so cool!
 Harry Reid
 The lamest people in the whole world. Smart cars are the WORST.

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