Monday, September 21, 2015

Roach killer 💀

This week has been way better than others. First and foremost, we found someone to teach! Kind of. I'll get to that later. On Tuesday Williams and I gave a workshop for all the new missionaries and it was SO FUN. We played jeopardy. It was awesome. It was all about the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion. Super fun! We also had interviews that day which are always awesome. President Cooke is the best person I've met ever. I love that guy. Oh boy. That was great.

On Wednesday, the Latvian ambassador came to the VC. Sister Williams accompanied Sister Sundwall who sang "Glorious" and "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again". Sister Capson and I went on exchanges that night while they performed! She's brand new and hasn't been to the Mall yet, so we met up with the DC2 sisters and went contacting down there! It was super fun. We met a couple cool people, one of them was a Brazillian man that's been living in Minnesota. Turns out he plays soccer with a ton of LDS people every Saturday, and one of them served in Brazil and is fluent in Portuguese! He's been teaching him a lot about the church and everything. This guy was so solid! We taught him the first lesson and gave him a BOM. Then, an hour or so later when we were getting on the metro, this same guy found us again! He was getting on the same train as us. He was so cute, he was so excited about his Book of Mormon! "Sisters! I was just about to sit down and start reading this book, and then I saw you!" He was so cool! We taught him a lot more on the ride home. He's going to get baptized someday for sure. Driving back to the VC from the metro, some giant spider made its way INSIDE our car. After several "check your speed"s and an "aggressive driving" or two from Tiwi, we killed the thing and made it there safely. East coast bugs don't mess around. More on that later. 

 Thursday we went over to visit Bernice, an 86 year old Nigerian lady in our ward. The same one that we ate lunch with in the cafeteria of her retirement home. She's SO CUTE. We had lunch with her again and met her friend Dottie! Dottie is 75 or so and has met with quite a few missionaries in the past. We talked to her a lot about that and set up another appointment with her! She still has all the materials that the missionaries left and studies them a lot. She's super Catholic, but loves our church and almost got baptized before her family stepped in. She has a lot of potential so we're excited to work with her! We had another appointment with her Saturday night, and we helped her with some family history (I'm starting to like family history, yikes). 10 of her 12 siblings have passed away along with both of her parents, so family history is super exciting for her! Back to Bernice. Our mission is doing a big push on doing service right now, so we went over to put together a big bookshelf for Bernice. It started off really well! After we we were about 95% done, we were looking at it and something didn't look right. The bottom piece of the bookshelf was upside down. A total 180 of what it was supposed to be. Flipped the wrong way. No Bueno. We had to totally undo everything and start over. Which would've been pretty simple had the entire thing not been nailed together with nails. Little, tiny, 1" nails. Not screws. Nails. It was such a pain. What should have taken us an hour took us almost 3. It was nuts. We were an hour late to shift. Crazy. It was so stinking funny haha. 

Saturday we met with Dottie again. She's great. I have so much faith her! Sunday was nuts haha it was awesome! Ward council is always a riot, this ward is hilarious. It was just a solid Sunday. We left shift a few minutes early to get to the Ellis's house for dinner! Oh my gosh I love them. Favorite family ever. They're SO AWESOME. They also invited Cynthia, Berta, Robin, a family from Virginia, and one of the mid-singles too. It was so much fun! Then we all headed back to the VC for Why I Believe, which was also awesome. John and Hannah Smith spoke, he was the head lawyer for homelands security for Prez Bush or something. Super great. Willums and Sundwall performed again because they're amazing and so talented. It was just a good day. One of Willums friends from back home came in to the VC that afternoon, and her aunt and uncle that live in Virginia came for why I believe. Crazy! Seeing people from home is weird (not that I've seen anybody, I've seen like 2 people lol). It's a totally different world though! I've decided that I'm just going to go by Sister Wilson forever, i like that much better than Emily. Haha. So weird! Being a missionary is the best ever and I love it so, so much. It's the best thing ever. I love Jesus Christ and I love His work. Prayers are answered, and a lot of answers come through the Book of Mormon. The Church is super true. I love it! 

Love you all!
Sister Wilson 

OH so the roach story. So you know how our apartment is already infested with silverfish? Yeah, nasty. Well, we have roaches now too. This week I killed the first cockroach of my life. And I didn't cry or anything. DC is nasty. East coast bugs are nasty. Ew.

 East coast bugs are NO JOKE
 Ellis family! MY HEART AGH

 Bryce and Tyce!

We woke up early this morning to go take some pictures (Willums does photography but hasn't taken pics since she's been here so we went out this morning!) we got to the spot and realized the camera was dead lol  The one pic that turned out.
 The Gillespies went home this week (heartbreak UGHH).

  We all got a hug from Elder Gillespie and it was amazing. Everyone cried.
 Exchanges with sister Capson!

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